Why Join?

Dear Prospective Member:

"...Over the years, I hear the same questions:  “What does the ACF do?”  or “Why should I join your chapter?”

Hey, those are valid questions, and some of you might still be asking them.  I suppose I could tell you that the American Culinary Federation is the “Authority on Food” in America.  Sounds like a good one-liner, but that still doesn’t answer your questions.

  Let’s try this:  Food brings people together, and ACF brings together those who love food.  Whether it’s the professional culinarian or chef looking to build skills and a strong resume, the foodservice corporation wanting to develop new contacts, or the avid foodie who embraces the culinary culture, ACF has something for everyone.   

It’s an excellent way to network with other chefs in the community, meet local and regional vendors, and gain access to educational programs.  And that brings us to our foundation. 

I don’t think there is a point in anyone’s career or life where education ends.  We learn from each other.  Our partners in business, our vendors, educate us on new products.  Passionate chefs educate us on new skills and techniques. 

We learn about agriculture, wines, chocolates, the latest news in sustainability.  We learn from watching culinarians and chefs compete on stage.  We learn by helping our community with local events.  And for the professional culinarian and chef, there’s certification..."

Paul J. Lee, CEC, ACE
Former Monterey Bay Chapter President

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